How to Start a Mobile Bar Business

Private Bar Business Consultancy

Let us help you avoid some pitfalls and answer common questions.

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If you’ve made it this far you’re probably realizing that starting a successful mobile bar business is not that easy. You have good ideas and there’s a need in your area but where to begin? What should your business plan look like?

A one hour conversation with us can save you both time and money.

– How does liquor licensing work?
– Do I need beer taps?
– How should I lay out my bar space?
– What should I pay my staff?
– Do I take tips?
– How do I manage inquiries and keep up with clients?

Let us be your guide and answer the tons of questions you no doubt are running into. Book us for a 1 hour zoom session where the floor is yours – get expert advice on that challenges you are facing.

We started our business right as the pandemic kicked off. We’ve learned a LOT of things the hard way and would have loved the opportunity to speak one on one with an expert.

Save yourself some valuable time and potential fines/expenses and get started on the right foot. We provide consultancy on all areas of the business startup, from state permits, liquor licensing, dealing with clients, estimating alchohol and organizing your marketing. We’ve been there and know the struggles.

We get asked questions about running a private camper bar all the time. If we could we would love to sit down with everyone and chat – but time is limited and we too are focused on growing a business. The consultation is our way of setting aside focused time to help give back.

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