Private Bar Rental – FAQ


You've got questions - don't worry, we've done this before and we've got you covered.

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How much do I order?

At the consultation we will ask you a few questions about your event to determine how much of each thing to order. Don’t worry, we provide you with an order form and our professional opinion! – and you keep any leftover alcohol.

Can you just provide the alcohol for me?

Sorry. Because of ABC laws, we cannot provide the alcohol, but we will see you through every step to make sure you get everything you need!

Who determines the menu?

We do, together! If you have a beverage that you love we are happy to accommodate. If you are unsure we can provide plenty of suggestions.

Do you sell alcohol?

Because of ABC laws, we cannot sell alcohol or do a “cash bar”, but we can work with you on some creative ways to make our bar work for your event, for example with drink tickets!

What happens with the leftover alcohol?

If there is any alcohol left at the end of the event it is yours to keep! We will box it up for you to take.

Do you provide your own power or do you need a power hook up?

If no hookup is available we can run our quiet generator on the back of the camper. So we do not require a power outlet but are happy to hook up if that is better for you!

Are there any requirements for set up?

Our mobile bar requires flat ground for set up and service. We also need a clear access for our truck to enter and leave the location.

How much space do you need for set up?

Our camper is 13ft long and 6.5ft wide, we need enough space to pull in with a truck and unhook!

What year is your camper?

She is a 1966 Shasta Camper, and we think she looks pretty darn good!

What are the dimensions of the camper?

Our camper is 13ft long and 6.5ft wide

Do you have a rain date policy?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate rain dates due to the nature of our advance bookings. The host can provide some sort of cover in front of the camper in the event of inclement weather!

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